• Analysis of lucky gemstone, ring, pendant, pooja, yantrum etc. through more than 25 methods.


  • Analysis of the most auspicious, favourable and harmonious name & number  of your work, shop, industry,

      house etc. considering astrological and numerological parameters.


  • Predictions through traditional, KP & other methods


  •  Microscopic palm reading.


  •  Logical and scientific remedial measures form Tantrum.


  •  Vedic & tantric anusthan in specific cases.


  •   Computer detailed and attractive horoscope.


  •  Detailed Lal Kitab remedies.


  •  Vastu consultation & detailed report.


  • These facilities are being provided against commercial exploitation & thousands of people are getting

      favorable results. However, instead of our liability, results are ultimately in the hands of almighty.


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Against panic creating astrology and commercial exploitation, we provide free remedial measures  for serious cases related to:

            A.   Manglik Dosh

B.   Kala sarpa Dosh

C.   Pitru Dosh

D.  Depression

E.  Moola Nakshatra

F.   Markesh Dosha

G.  Shani Shade Sati Dosh

H.  Easy Tips for Wealth and Prosperity


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