Are you interested in the articles, views, informations regarding astrology, palmistry, numerology, vastu, yoga, spirituality, indian culture or in other such occult sciences?


This section of the site has specifically been designed for the articles (Hindi/English) of the world renowned and learned astrologers, occultists etc.


The articles taken from the books of Dr. Gopal Raju have already been published or are being published in the leading astrological magazines and have appeared in the blogs, e-magazines etc, so think seriously before copying or reproducing any part of the articles partially, fully, directly or indirectly.

All interested are welcome to mail valued and R&D oriented articles on the subject.

They are also requested to please give wide publicity/forward  this site so the other interested and curious be also benefited .


A collection of articles are available, please select your choice below to read in PDF format 


 article 9 


 article 13 


 article 14 


 article 16 



A few more recent articles...


 article 21                                                                                                            article 22


 article 23                                                                                                            article 24


 article 25                                                                                                            article 26


 article 27                                                                                                            article 28


 article 29                                                                                                            article 30


 article 31                                                                                                            article 32


 article 33                                                                                                            article 34 


 article 35                                                                                                                                       article 36


 article 37                                                                                                                                        article 38  


 article 39                                                                                                                                        article 40 


 article 41                                                                                                            article 42


 article 43                                                                                                           article 44


 article 45                                                                                                           article 46 


 article 47                                                                                                          article 48


 article 49                                                                                                          article 50


article 51                                                                                                           article 52


article 53                                                                                                           article 54


                    article 55


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